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GladlyCredit is an online finance company that offers its credit products and Quick loans on the Internet through its website. The maximum amount that can be requested is 3,000 Euros and the processing is as simple as the Rapid Loans if payroll or endorsement. The advantage of GladlyCredit is that you can ask for the money as Line of Credit, that is, you only pay for what is available unlike the loan that pays interest even if you do not spend all the money at once.

How to Apply for Rapid Loans in Dotcredits:

How to Apply for Rapid Loans in Hapcredits:

The procedures to request money in GladlyCredit are very simple, they are done quickly, all online and without documents and without too many questions:

Access the online form on their website

First select the amount you need and the term in which you will return the maximum money 36 months. Enter your personal data name, surnames, NIF and address, below your economic data where you work. how much you earn per month or how much you receive for other concepts, unemployment pension, etc.

Confirmation of credit application data

Check all the inserted data if they are correct including if you have left your mobile phone number and email very useful to receive communications. If everything is ok, confirm the request and in a few minutes they send you an SMS message or an email informing you of the decision and if it has been approved. If the answer is positive, enter the web and confirm again.

Quick money collection immediately in GladlyCredit

After confirming the credit and answering the Message, you will have the money in your account in an approximate time of 15 minutes. In order to have that money available instantly, your bank must coincide with the entity that GladlyCredit works because otherwise, the money would arrive the next day or 48 hours.

Advantages of the Line of Credit in GladlyCredit

Advantages of the Line of Credit in GladlyCredit

The minimum amount to request in GladlyCredit is 100 euros and the maximum of 3,000 euros and the advantage is that they work as a credit account or line of credit, that is, the financial authorizes you up to a maximum limit of money that can be arranged to measure their needs and therefore pay interest only for what is owed and not for what is authorized and thus saves many interests.

Once you have disposed of all or part of the amount of the credit, you can re-enter or replenish to later withdraw money and so on as if it were your checking or savings account and always pay for the balance you owe.

In GladlyCredit at all times informs you of what you have taken and what you have entered with the available balance and can be informed at any time by entering your website online and therefore can do all kinds of operations at any time and on any day of the week.

Personal loans in GladlyCredit

Personal loans in GladlyCredit

As well. You can ask for the money in GladlyCredit with the traditional form of personal loan to return the money every month in equal installments. In this case, the amount is the same between 100 and 3,000 euros and the return period of 24 months.

The way to request the Loan in GladlyCredit is the same as in the case of the Line of Credit accessing the web and submitting the application online. The loan money is immediately deformed so it is a good way to get fast money without papers and without questions. The difference is that you have to select a term to return based on the fee or bill you can pay each month.

Requirements to request money in GladlyCredit

Requirements to request money in GladlyCredit

The conditions that must be fulfilled in order for you to be granted credits and quick loans without endorsement in a loan are the following:

  • To be of legal age and to be resident in Spain by signing it with the DNI or Resident Card.
  • Open a checking account or savings account in a bank or savings bank.
  • Have an operational mobile phone and an email.
  • Have periodic income for payroll, pension, unemployment, rents, etc.

GladlyCredit already warns that it does not grant Credits and Loans with Asnef. Therefore if you are on a list of defaulters do not bother asking.

Opinions about GladlyCredit and contact telephone

Opinions about GladlyCredit and contact telephone

GladlyCredit has started its activity in Spain so we still do not find many opinions about GladlyCredit on the internet. If you have already had some experience or have requested a loan, you can leave us your experience or opinions on how GladlyCredit works, if they are legal and how expensive they are. 

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